Domain Expertise

Our Expertise

Mechatronics System Development

Implementation of mechatronic systems are on rise as modern cars could have over 100 ECU's.

Expertise include development of control algorithms using model based design principles.

Development of application software, base software and diagnostics.

Development of simulation framework for validating these complex control systems and their interactions to realize holistic vehicle performance.

Support for HARA, FuSa ISO26262.

Are you new to electronics development? PCB design to population of ECU board to identifying contract manufacturer we have access to ALL.

We have access to extended network of experts in these domain areas.

Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics

Design chassis to meet various attributes/requirements such as - Vehicle Dynamics, NVH, loads, Durability, Manufacturing, weight and Safety.

Setting up hard-points as it meets desired kinematics and compliance characteristics for suspension and steering systems.

Design of structural components as it meets ultimate strength, g loads and duty cycle requirements.

Develop/analyze algorithm with Model in Loop (MIL) approach. This includes integration of softwares such as ADAMS/Car, CarSim, CarMaker with Matlab/Simulink.

Development and guidance on the design of elastomeric members in chassis such as bushings, mounts, spring isolators, jounce bumpers etc.

Design for multi-attirbutes. Development of x-member and optimization of its mounting locations as it meets static and dynamics stiffness necessary for Structural and NVH attributes.

Engineering Simulation

Provide best in class services for simulation driven product design and development.

  • Vehicle Dynamic Analysis
  • Loads and Durability Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis NVH
  • Control algorithm development and validation (MIL/SIL/HIL)

We provide enterprise wise 8 degree assessment on current status of your engineering simulation capability.

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Product Design, Development & Optimization

Customer Vision into Product Vision

  • VOC
  • SOR
  • Target cascading


  • Competitive benchmarking
  • IP/Patent Landscape
  • Concept generation : CAD/prototyping


  • DVP&R
  • Design Validation
  • Vehicle Integration
  • Supplier selection
  • Manufacturing alignment


  • Design of experiments, Sensitivity Analysis
  • Design for Six Sigma
  • Design Optimization
  • Reliability based design optimization