Why us?

Why Caliber Technologies?We belive in continuous training and adapting to the needs of our customers

Automotive industry is changing dramatically triggered by rise in new technology development in area of Autonomous Vehicle, Connectivity, Shared mobility, Data Analytics and Virtual product Development.

Driven by some of the trends, new business models could expand automotive revenue pools by about 30 percent, adding up to $1.5 trillion as per McKinsey report.

None of this is unknown to existing or new players. Then who would be the winners ?

We believe companies who realize quality, safety and speed to market in these areas will become winners.

It requires leveraging world-class engineering expertise and resources which can be a bottleneck in translating this vision into the products that customer can buy.

Our Expertise

We believe in continuous training & adapting to the needs of our clients.

Flexbility of various collaboration models

We deliver engineering services and staffing through various models. We understand that engineering organizations are challenged to produce results and products with reduced time to market. We believe our flexibility in providing various engineering staffing models means that you can be ready to meet your organizations demand without worrying about growing your team. Our engineering staffing can further be complemented by dedicated engineering experts who can further contribute to the success of your engineering projects.

Extension of your engineering team

We strive to be the extension of your engineering team. Whether it is to help you manage the "PEAKS" in your workload or to bring in the 'engineering expertise' that you need. Times are changing and we believe time to market is the most important competitive advantage you can have in automotive world.

Digital Product Development Expertise

Digital product development is key to generate products fast and ensures that value proposition is embedded and preserved throughout product lifecycle.

Continuous Learning

To our engineers we provide training in various engineering toolchains. Not only that, we provide engineering support and consulting to them. This means that you have the best engineering talent for ever changing needs and quicker results.

Access to leading automotive experts

To our partners, we provide access to some of the best automotive professionals for consulting and critical inputs. Current areas include – software development for CAE, Artificial Intelligence, Functional Safety, Engineering Simulation and Vehicle Durability.

Caliber Network

Caliber Technologies provides services outside of its core domain through partner network.

We are partners with industry leading technology experts and companies through which we manage projects of various size and complexity.

Vehicle Validation

  • Powertrain and Durability testing
  • Proving ground support
  • Vehicle, System & Component characterization
  • FMVSS compliance - instrumentation, testing, reporting

Embedded Controls

  • Control algorithm development - various domains
  • Functional Safety ISO 26262
  • Embedded software development - platform and application
  • Software testing

Data Analytics

  • Machine learning & AI
  • Autonomous, ADAS & V2X
  • Computer vision & image processing

Electronics Design

  • Conceptualization & definition
  • Hardware design, testing and verification
Caliber Network

Interested in joining our team of Engineering Consultants? We welcome all engineering and industry expertise.