How We Provide ServicesDeveloping Advance Automotive Technologies

Project Scope Based Services

Perfect for those well defined projects where scope or higher level expectations are clear and need is for shorter term.

Where: Mostly off-site

Time Based Projects

We engage the expert resource for set amount of time. This is perfect for short term project where scope isn't well defined or it isn't worth the effort creating one.

Where: Mostly on-site @ Client's site

On-site Resource Assignment

Customer have flexibility in directing work. This model is preferred for medium to longer term engagement need for expertise and resource is for longer term.

Where: At client's site

Strategic Consulting Services

Provide strategic consulting on various aspects of automotive industry.

Where: Combination of on/off site


Automotive industry is changing rapidly. Autonomous, Connectivity, Mobility are challenging traditional business models and traditional way of developing products. We understand what companies expect of engineering organizations.

We know that companies can no longer push new product development to future to remain viable.

We partner with you to manage challenges whether it's a need for technical expertise or supplemental resources.