Domain Expertise

Our ExpertiseEngineering Simulation

Wouldn't you want to know whether your engineering design is feasible prior to spending your precious time, resources and money? Why go through filing patents, build costly prototypes, go through validation when you can realize concept feasibility through engineering simulation? This is what Engineering Simulation enables. It allows critical look into the feasibility of your concept and run hundreds or thousands of concepts through digital simulation.


We provide enterprise wise 8 degree assessment on current status of engineering simulation. Taking a critical look at current capability, providing maturity assessment, define future steps and then outlining all the steps in between to realize truly digital product development enterprise.

We take time to understand your organization and identify process, tools and skills that best work for you.

Outcome will be CAE strategy, Process and Tool enablers that you can deploy.

Vehicle Suspention Model

Develop effective CAE tools that can be used not just by your CAE engineers but by your entire engineering community. We call it democratization of CAE. Experience includes developing various physics based excel tools in chassis, suspension, vehicle dynamics analysis. Application ranges from modeling electromechanical, electrohydraulic performance assessment for mechatronic systems sizing.

You already have in-house tools? But needs help maintaining them or evolving them into a professional tool? We provide software development services that allows you to extract more out of your in-house tools.

Corelation Key

Correlation is key for engineering simulation.

We utilize advanced design tools and techniques to help correlate models.

We work through our extended network of premier testing organizations to help generate test data.

Confidence in your simulation models means you can be confident of potential engineering design changes.